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Originally Posted by Stan View Post
I used to work at a buy here pay here car lot in coontown, niggers just love to brag about gettin shot or cut and will show off the scars to anyone nearby. DO NOT shoot a nigger in the head with a 9mm or smaller pistol round ! On 3 niggers that showed there scars 2 showed no ill effects and one was scary wierd and prone to violent chimp outs . All 3 bragged about "bein shot by a 9" Hell one of them was shot 3 times to the back of the head and he acted like a normal nig ! It wasn't the thick skull that stopped bullets but more like there primitave brains are less suceptable to trama then ours. They had some really ugly entry scars and also where the doctor did the brain surgery. It amazes me how much money they will spend on a getto nigger to patch him up. If you got to shoot one aim for the heart or any where there is a lot of blood vessels neck, groin , ect. they have a week cardio vascular system. I never saw a nigger braggin about gettin shot in the heart. Stan
I have observed a coon who was shot by his own brother right between the eyes with a .25 auto with fmj bullets, he was definately dead as a hammer.