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Originally Posted by Richard H. View Post
I prefer my F.I.E. arms .25 auto with a 8 shot clip, it has served me well over the years and is very easy to conceal, it is also deadly I can assure you.
I have shot a bunch of them, everything from internal hammer to external hammer and even one with a crack in the plastic (before they went to all metal) in the bottom of the magazine. I have never had one misfire. They are amazingly reliable. I had one I paid $35 for brand-new and carried it for about 6 years and it never once malfunctioned in any way. It was scratched up but shot perfectly. They feel good in the pocket as well. There was a gun writer that saw article after article on how unreliable they were so he bought one and did his own test. He said he put 2,000 rounds through it in one weekend and had 3 misfires that he claimed were all the result of faulty ammo.

Speaking of which we see a lot about the proper firearm but no articles on which ammunition will fire when struck.

About the Ruger you said you have, those are some of the finest 22LR pistols I have ever held. They seem to fit the hand just right. I have seen people who canít hit anything with a pistol shoot bottle caps at 10 yards with one. I always wanted either one of those or a Browning Buckmark.

You know they shoot those Ruger 22LRís at competitions and do rapid fire at 10 yards on 5 inch plates while running. That would be the same as getting head shots on the run at 30 feet which plenty good enough.

About darkies getting shot in the head with 9mmís and such, I am not saying it wouldnít happen. I saw on Ripleyís where a guy took a steel pole 2 inches thick through the skull in his eye socket and it came out the back of his head and he lived. Things happen all the time but these things are the exception more than they are the rule. It is a fact that darkies canít shoot. I know on televitz every sniper looks straight from Africa but I havenít seen a single darkie that can hit anything. Go to any pro-shooting event and it is all white males and a possible gook.

The Mob use the 22lr to make effective headshots for decades and the Special Opps used suppressed 22LRís to make effective kills for over a half century. While I am not saying it is the end all be all of weapons, I will say history and some of the best killers in the world have used it with extreme effectiveness.
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