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I know of two guys that were shot by .25 auto.
Where I live the county was dry for about 40 years and a lot of bootleggers got shot. It wasnít uncommon for someone to get shot at least once a month. The difference is these people were white and criminals only shot each other. A person living 3 doors down had nothing to worry about.

Anyway I know a guy who got shot in the chest with a 30.06, then later with a .380 at point blank range. Knew someone who got shot twice in the leg with a 30.06 and a one person that took over 100 rounds to his automobile and not a single one hit him.

I know of several people who have been dropped instantly with small calibers and large calibers.

We see those westerns where the bad gets shot once in the gut and drops dead instantly. The truth is there is no guarantee anyone will drop dead when the trigger is pulled. Some people can get shot and bleed for 4 hours and still live, others can get shot the bullet go into lung, heart or other internal organ and they will die in a few minutes.

The fact is if you donít know how to shoot a high power sniper round will ricochet upwards when striking a windshield.

We can debate all day on people we know who got shot but the fact is that a 22lr, 9mm or 25 auto will penetrate the skull of a darkie or otherwise with ease. Like I said earlier just shoot a pine board or baseball bat and see what happens.

I fell for the myth that a 25 auto was worthless because I read all the gun magazines. I told my neighbor and he took a 25 auto (paid $25 new) out in his yard and shot through 2 2x4ís at 21 feet and all 3 rounds hit the mark and came out the other side. That was good enough for me. That is a test anyone on VNNF can make for themselves.

There is also a myth that a criminal will continue to come after being shot 10 times by (name your caliber) and the fact is unless a criminal is dedicated to harm you personally he will leave at the mere sight of a gun. They want easy marks and getting shot is not an easy mark. If a dozen Federal agents come into your home wearing body armor and carrying H&K 308 rifles with the sole function to bring you in or lose their jobs then I would say a 25 auto wouldnít be very effective. However if some simian wants you wallet to get crack money then a 25 auto will repel him or her with ease.

Junkies donít get high and go rob people, they rob people to get money to get high meaning they are already in pain and want to prevent further pain. A gunshot will cost further pain.
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