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Originally Posted by SŠndor Petőfi View Post
Whatever. You're delusional if you think I'd bother to go around reading your old posts.
Whatever you say.

You still haven't said one word with regard to the fact, which I pointed out, that soldiers waste more rounds with an M16 and thus don't conserve ammunition any better. If you need a thirty round magazine to kill the same number of people as you do with an 8 round clip, you're going to run out of ammunition all the same.
I already did if you learned to read. The majority of soldiers are teenagers or at least under 25 and donít have any real training. They need more rounds. If you have a squad of well trained snipers then 3 shot bolt actions would suffice with a support man with an M-14.

But as I pointed out earlier it takes more rounds to fight more people. Fighting Germans who didnít want to die was one thing, however gooks will run right into gun fire by the thousands and there is a need for more rounds.

If you need to lay down fire to deal with waves of attackers, you give squads MGs and provide close air support.
Air support isnít something you can call up and have in a second, by the time air support arrives the fight is usually over. When a soldier needs firepower he needs it instantly not in a half hour.

Like the little M4 carbine they seem intent on giving to every soldier. But this is just another "conspiracy theory".
In the hands of a skilled shooter the M4 is deadly up to 400 yards and even 500 yards in the right conditions. Most fights take place under 300 yards. Even with the M4 soldiers run out of ammunition in firefights. I donít claim that soldiers are trained marksmen however the M4 is good for the sniper as well as for the person with the spray and pray mentality.

So who is spreading conspiracy theories now?
Gun magazine writers (who you can meet at any major gun show) will tell you they write what sells and what they are paid to write.

I've completed my mandatory military service, where we trained on the Steyr AUG. I'll tell you, I'd rather depend on an FN FAL in a fight than that thing any day.
Of course I am not knocking the value of those rifles but for the cost they are not worth the extra money.

But I'm not a former Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, Green Beret Vietname vet gunslinger who hunts gophers in the woords at night like you.
Vietnam was over when I was born and I have no idea what a woords is.

What does any of that have to do with any of this? Do I need to have built my own guitars and played in dingy bars to know that a Les Paul plays easier and better than a Yamaha?
No but to make the claims you are making about combat you need to have a lot of experience with both before you say what a person should and shouldnít use.

I never froze up .
Liars always say they never freeze. The ones I know that have shot people and could verify it always had some sort of problem before they pulled the trigger.

I am speaking to a moron.
This coming from an idiot that thinks Arab camel humpers are white and completely derailed the point of this thread. You never once answered if anything smaller than a 45 will penetrate a groids skull. You go into all sorts of nonsense to avoid the main subject.

No. You just don't have a mind.
At least I know what an Aryan is and it isnít some mud colored Iranian.

It's a piece of junk which cannot even penetrate dense foliage, let alone obstacles in an urban environment where it is most frquently used today.

Yeah, and you'll be lucky if you penetrate thick clothing with lethal velocity at twice that range.
The only reason I am even acknowledging your foolishness is because stupid statements like you are making will mislead people about weapons. The truth is weapons could be the most important thing we will ever discuss and stupid people who donít know what they are talking about will give bad information and could cause some others who donít have experience to make mistakes.

This isn't about any of those things. So you can keep the appeals to your own authority to yourself. It is about the reasons for the U.S. using the 5.56.
So why did the Russians go to the AK round and the Germans were making plans to go to a smaller round? Only places that lose wars still depend on massive rounds, yet they also must rely on countries that use smaller rounds for defense.

Do you have experience at the executive level of the armaments industry?
I know that many people with unlimited budgets will carry the M4 with a $3,000 H&K sitting at home in the closet.
Do you have experience at the defense level of the U.S. government?
Do you?
Do you have experience at the strategic level of the U.S. military? Do you have the knowledge of economics, politics, military science or psychology necessary to analyse the motivations of these people with any more authority than I?
Some of my military friends and people I have talked to do and that is where I learned.

More magazine capacity. Not a smaller caliber.
That shows you donít know what you are talking about. You still have the weight and with a .308 in anything more than a 20 round magazine is impossible to maneuver. Also the .308 as I have said before isnít accurate after the first shot if shooting rapid fire. I donít care how strong a person is if the gun isnít mounted then your third shot will be in the air.

Obviously the M1 was so lousy, ineffective and hated that it lead a certain person to call it "the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man."
First trials were ineffective and improvements were made.
What? Scared you're going to lose the only reputation you have left?
Because some unknown idiot uses google? I have stomped unknowns on VNNF for years, they will cry and leave, demand I be banned or get banned themselves. Then come back as sockpuppets.

I never suggested anything of the sort. My reference to head shots was in connection with modern body armour. Just spray wildly with your 5.56 pea shooter and cross your fingers that you hit a foot or a head.
Those genius camel humpers are all going to be clad in body armor. Even at that the .223 FMJ will penetrate most body armor.

Yeah, well there you have it. You have to have a weak, rapid fire weapon because you send a bunch of weak, untrained boys, and worse still, females, into combat.
I have seen foreign soldiers and trust me they are not any better.

Exactly what armed conflicts are we using to measure "success". The last time I checked, the U.S.A. lost in Vietnam and is losing in Iraq.
The reason the USA isnít successful against non-whites is because they donít use the same tactics. The North beat the south because they would go into places like Atlanta where there were no men and burn it to the ground. They went into places like Dresden where there were no men and burnt it to the ground. I donít even have to mention what they did to the japs.

If they applied the same genocidal tactics to Vietnam and Iraq there wouldnít be a war.

you lost 50 000 men fighting a bunch of primitive gooks. So much for all your huge miltary successes since introducing the 5.56.
Gooks had the home field advantage, dedicated instead of drafted soldiers and the AK. Guerilla warfare is almost impossible to win.

That and the British in the Falklands performed much better fighting real soldiers than you ever did slugging it out with a bunch of subhumans.
AS I recall Germany stomped all of Europe without even a fight and if America hadnít bailed them out all of you would be saluting the Swastika today. I am not saying it was a good thing, but the British arenít a serious military force and they donít fare as good as Americans with ragheads even though they have better trained soldiers.

So after I stomped you in religious threads, humiliated you in Arab threads you are going to come to this section and derail every thread with an America vs Britain debate instead of answering the question.

Will anything smaller than a 45 acp penetrate a Negroís skull?
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