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Default I called the professionally obtuse Msss. Davis back

At least this time she was aware of whom I was speaking about. But then she proceeded to ask me questions about the case. I pointed out the irony of this, which didn’t exactly escape her…

But in short she said that no decision has been made yet regarding the newsworthyness of this story, and doubts the public has much interest. After 3 weeks they are still “unconvinced.” She did mention that she is aware that the 2 have been convicted of an “antisemitic crime.” Ding ding ding!

If these 2 gentlemen are relying on “publicity,” I strongly suggest that more calls be made to befuddled Msss. Davis et al and remind them that the public does have an interest.

AP reporteret Laura Davis 213.626.1200

Call and remind her, We are out here watching what you are doing.