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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Hoffman's website blocked in England
For Attention: Mr. M. Hoffman

I have been using the internet service in the public library in Blyth, Northumberland, England and was unable to open your web site ( as it was censored ; the reason given was "Hate Speech."

I have lodged a complaint but will only receive a reply in September.

Derrick J.


Posted by Michael Hoffman at 8/19/2008 12:14:00 PM
Labels: censorship, Internet gate-keepers,, thought cops

Anonymous said...

Ironic,I just mentioned libraries in my last post.The glove is off the Beast's fist.Let's hope that the people experiencing this censorship alert others.Not only to this book and your works,but to the Fascist New World Order that is here,and simply unannounced to the sheeple to date. Jim K.
12:46 PM
Anonymous said...

Not surprised.Google banned your videos awhile back.Now Amazon.And prior to getting a pc I too had problems accessing pro-truth websites.You should put together an hour long video on say..the cryptocracy to post on google.At the end you can list your website and mention your new book.Google has tons of videos on that subject.Your other videos were verbotten as is your book.Although I can't find the Amalek-Lipstadt video online,I did finally find your interview on Jone's show after weeks of searching on Keep up the great work.
1:11 PM
Anonymous said...

Michael,this would be a great opportunity for you to do what the above poster suggested.Sit behind a desk and do a simple presentation for an hour or longer on the Cryptocracy.Highlight control of minds through media,education and the arts.Mention your bannings by google,Amazon,and IP screeners.And then plug your works.There's so many sensationalist videos on the elitists.Most are offbase due to pet theories honing in on one group.People will stumble upon your video when they search for conspiracies,and your book sales will soar.Like many people,I like to find and research authors for free prior to dropping hard-earned dough.You need to get out there to be known by more than a handful of astute researchers.Like you've opined in the past---you wrote the book for the masses.I pray for all the best for you.Time is short.
1:26 PM
Anonymous said...

US government computers also filter Mr. Hoffman's website as "hate speech."