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Try growing radicchio. It's a winter salad and you don't need a green thumb to raise it. Varmints won't touch it and the bitter stuff is nutritious. I notice it's missing when it's not available. When it's red and white, it's great to mix into salads. When you don't pick it, it'll turn green and get even more bitter. When it's at that stage, you could add it into a pan with olive oil, garlic and appropriate spices, to bring to a boil and then eat as a vegetable side dish.
As far as you growing tomatoes in pots, when you do that, don't expect outstanding results. They'll perform only as much as you allow them to. In other words, don't imprison them in pots. Georgia is warm enough to have them planted into the ground where they belong in the first place. We were even able to grow them in Michigan. You just have to fertilize them.

youtube.com/watch?v=-EDJRcwQvN4 youtube.com/watch?v=S0lxK5Ot5HA

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