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Best to avoid any photos or identifying names on forums of this nature.

The only fight that really matters is the political one, the only opponent that matters are the Jews.

Boxing is great for fitness and to teach you to hit and get hit and be fit and healthy, and get out of most casual situations.

You'll find the fight in court after any fight just as dangerous, so also prepare for the second fight that follows.

If you look like a streetfighter the cops on arriving will treat you like one. If you look like a middle class taxpayer with family, credit card, mortgage and many lawyers on call, they're more likely to side with you.

Belonging to a neighbourhood watch and Rotary and being a generally model citizen shapes any courts opinion of you before the trial starts.
The most truly dangerous men in the world smile, wear suits and have firm handshakes and honest open faces.
Those who try to dress and appear dangerous almost never are, and invite attack as gangbangers view it as a status symbol to beat them up or worse.

Firearms are the best, if you can reach them in time. Mostly you need hand techniques to give you distance and time to use one.

Unless you're training wearing the clothes you normally wear, in environments you're normally in when attacked e.g. carrying kids or shopping, gardening, sitting in the car, in bed at night when a home invasion occurs, against several screaming gangbangers high and drunk who don't feel pain it won't be realistic or applicable. Most have no time or need to train to that level.

Unless your job takes you into culturally enriching places, best to relocate and change your social circles and avoid the problems arising in the first place.
Most fights occur with blacks, mixed race mutants, drunks and drug addicts, so keep away from them.
Its not that difficult, there's nothing heroic about engaging with scum.

Humans advanced because we use tools, such as wearing safety shoes and just delivering a short sharp bone breaking kick and getting out of Dodge if one on one.

Stick fighting using a modern substitute e.g. maglite or spanner is better to avoid the often fatal exposure to infection from the body fluids, breaks etc that arise out of physical contact with degenerates.

Best place to start for hand to hand is with basic police techniques.
Police fight professionally more than any other organised group, and usually win. Using their equipment and very few techniques, tried and tested, requires very little equipment or time to grasp, designed to work against the very type of person in the same environments you are likely to encounter. It also makes it difficult to lock you up as it then opens them up to being locked up.

If its a more holistic art that appeals a more developed form of boxing that can be used at any angle, upright or on the ground designed for extremely close situations, is wing chun, which works as well on the ground and rolling around as upright.

Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.