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Matthew Allen
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Matthew Allen

What I get from reading all this is actually nothing more than encouragement. I don't fear niggers more after reading these reports, but rather I feel encouraged about the fact that I have been doing the right thing all my life when I chose to defend myself against members of the opposite race.

Black men have hit me, kicked me and choked me from behind, but even with all this, I don't let it crush my spirit because I have and always will, fight back with everything I have. So let the niggers and spiks try to commit crimes against me. I've trained hard in mixed martial arts and have fought with black people growing up in school and on the streets.

Niggers can punch me and kick me and crush my body, but they can never crush the white man's spirit. I know this because unlike niggers, I have only ever fought in self-defense, whereas a negro jiggaboo only fights to indulge his violent fantasies.