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I admit , re-reading this thread makes me realize how close to the edge I was . .

On the other hand, a victory is a victory . . .

Concerning that . .
Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
Sis , as usual , a good and uplifting post

My wife works as a waitress and together we wouldn't have enough money to make it . .

We are soulmates yet I suppose financial difficulties would leave us no choice . .

I'm glad I have her . .Especially after what I had to endure last time . .

FYI , might be a bit graphic yet I had one hanging on who put the main focus on . . ahemmm . . sexual activity .

She was nymphomanically dispositioned . . .

No love , just . . . .

Glad I don't have her hanging on anymore . .

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench Lyrics
Had to laugh at that. .

Yes , we all make mistakes in life.

In a way it was a healing experience since during my years "on my own" ( when I tried to flee the domestic atmosphere of drunkenness and cruelty . . . ) I more or less was a street brat and, admit, had one relationship after the other. .

This one certainly made me realize that love just is part of the game .


Just quoting this since I got two rep hits for it back then.

I made a similar experience glad you are a married father now
Thank you .

That's an interesting story. But it would have done without that Foo Fighters song lol!
Lol , yes , people often wonder why I tend to embed videos in my posts.

Hmm . . .

Like I said , for many years I was "out there on my own" and me and my crew would of course often "celebrate together" while listening to music . . . .

I came into contact with music many people may not be aware that exists ,lol ! !


Seriously . . as is often said , "there is a song practically befitting every situation in life" . . .