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Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
'Halloween' is still the creepiest, because they put together things that seem like they can really happen---psychopath who can't be reasoned with escapes and kills unsuspecting goofy girls who are not watching what they're doing---with the fantasy of someone being a 'boogie man' who can disappear and come back to life willy nilly.

Also I liked the simplicity of it---the simple piano beats that sound like a heartbeat accelerating. The pumpkin with the candle, the innocent neighborhood being corrupted forever. All that stuff is classic horror movie fodder.

One thing I dislike is that this was one of the first hyper-sexualized killer movies, many to follow. A mark of a sick turn for society---a deliberately engineered one.

I saw that movie when I was really little too, I would never let a child watch it.

By now we should have kewl scary movies that are lower on the perverted spectrum.

Stories about real killers are chilling too, sometimes more-so than a slick film about a made up killer.

...I may be no judge of what is chilling though since the NASA scene in E.T. scared me (when the astronauts come into the house to detain the family and E.T. and Elliot are sick)---I thought that was creepy as hell and we had to take a break and return later--I was five or six though.

'Waco the Rules of Engagement' is chilling, since it's about government killing people. Children, old people. Puppies.

Oh man I'm killing the fun vilbe of this thread. Let me do mo betta.

Carrie. That is a good one. Never make fun of a girl about her period, you will get all kinds of killed.

Also should mention whoever plays her mom is brilliant, she is scary as hell singing those gospel songs while sewing. That guttural evil voice is really spot on if you've ever been to Vacation Bible Skool.

Carrie (2/12) Movie CLIP - You're a Woman Now (1976) HD
No beef sis but from reading both your responses to my 'couldn't stop watching' and 'chilled you to the bone'- threads I imagine your private movie collection as maybe hitting the roof of your room . .

lol . . you mention movies I myself have never even heard of . .

Anyway . . Good post , Henderson . .