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Just wait until they try to stimulate your zero economy. You know how they do that? They plop a halfass "university" right in the middle of the place. Very soon, you'll begin to see nignogs all over the place. Visible 10X more than their population would predict. Worst part? The stupid white chicks (almost always blondes) hanging all over these colored guys like they were God's gift. The local OB ward is seeing way too many mulatto babies these days!

Pell grants! That's how they transport niggers into all white areas. Pell grants are a ticket for free living for ghetto trash they intend to "plant" in that "just too white" area. We now have three of these "nigger motels" called "colleges" way out here in the north woods. Pulled that stunt years ago, and the locals are just now catching on.

If anybody proposes a college out there - there's one reason for it - to plant niggers there. Block it!