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sERBIA not fucknig any one. instead it is cucked and fucked

serbs have so many mongrels, biggest mixers and bastards and turk's cucks in Balkans, but say they above muzies because they are into jew on stick fetish. idiots

let's quote wise site StopSerbophilia
The Serbophile publicity of Vkontakte is overflowing with photos of Serbs with an overly Slavic appearance, which can hardly be distinguished from the Russians. In reality, the average Serb looks more like an Albanian or people from the Caucasus region. A significant part of the Serbs generally descended from the Roma. In any case, apparently this people is very diverse and certainly not like the Eastern Slavs. Further pictures of real Serbs, in particular, Serbian patriots:


serbian leader

serbian sportsman

sebian nationalism

srbian chetnik


Masson Gavrilo Princip, the national hero of serbs
Serbien muss sterbien! Stop the madness STOP SERBOPHILIA ! Racial truth about Serbia blog.
Freedom to Sandžak! All your Kosovo are belong to Shqipëria!