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Originally Posted by Vitaly "SND"=Poison View Post
sERBIA not...
Nah nah Ukrop. Posting pictures of mongrels and gypsies while trying to represent them as Serbs still won't help you camouflaging the truth about your fetish for muzrats and kikes.

Hero of Ukropia:

Ukrop beauties in their true mongoloid form:

Ukrop wedding in it's true mongoloid-folkloric form:

Ukro-Aryan couple going on their honeymoon:

Ukrop war-veteran:

Another ukrop beauty:

Another ukro-aryan:

Allah-snackbar and Glory To Ukropia!

True ukrops never forget their roots:

and they never stop fighting against evil-nazis

So would you like to know more, you muzrat and kike cock-sucking piece of shit?