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Originally Posted by Marco Polo View Post
Seems M.N. Dalvez fancies himself a chinkologist and is feeling DP level butthurt.

He gave a negative reputation for the above post. He has also likely been stalking me and giving me negative thumbs because of my attacks against the chinks.

Here is the message left with the negative reputation:

None of that is really an issue of concern.

The problem is that he cannot be put on the retard filter list because:

WTF?! A sub-110 IQ retard is a "moderator/adminn" here at VNN?

M.N. Dalvez is likely a boomer cuck, at least in spirit. Thats why he takes attacks on the chinks personally and feels a need to prance around marking his territory.

Though he cannot be put on the retard filter list, with the other VNN WN-retard chink apologists, his posts can be manually ignored.
Why get annoyed by those who do not understand the chinks? Aren't you a chinkologist? Isn't your goal to educate those of us who don't understand the Yellow Peril? Don't be insulted; just take any criticism as a marker of those who need more and better education.

The Chinese were excluded from the USA, not because they were Chinese but because they were un-assimilatable foreigners who did not want to be Americans but preferred to be chinks. It is no different today.

Chinatowns in every country in the world were developed by the Chinese only for themselves and for no others who were not Chinese. The Chinese lived in Indonesia for four hundred years and never became Indonesians, while monopolizing Indonesian commerce.

It is happening today in every country of the world. And in the USA, it is happening with the connivance of the Jews.