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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Some of World's top Crooks

Bernie Nadoff – An American Jew at the Wall Street, who skimmed US$65 billion of retiree funds, banks and charities – which he transferred into Israeli banks before declaring bankruptcy. He is sentenced to 150 in prison, recently.

Rabbi Eli Black – An American Jew businessman who controlled the United Brands Company. When cops closed on him – he jumped from a 44-storey building. He was allegedly shipped to Israel in a ‘closed casket’ alive.

Conrad Black – Owner of Canadian brewing empire – and later became the owner of 400 newspapers including the Jerusalem Post. He was caught embezzling millions of dollar and is enjoying his life in a country club prison.

Tom Billman – Charged with embezzling US$380 million, which he transferred to Israeli banks. He was caught in Paris while escaping US authorities. He was jailed but has been released secretly under Israel Lobby pressure.

Marc David Reich – A Belgium-born Jew, he was indicted for making millions of dollars through secret oil deal s with Islamic Iran. During his last days in the White House, Bill Clinton pardoned him for his contributions toward Hilary’s election.

Bernie Cornfeld – A Turkish Jew, who looted US$2.5 billion - and spent only 11 months in a Geneva jail for that crime. He is known for sexual appetite for Gentile Christian beauties.

Rev. Barry Minkow – Born into a Jewish family, he spent seven years in a county jail for embezzling US$200. After his release Barry left Judaism for Evangelism and now is Zionist Christian priest.

Ivan Boesky – A Jew who made a fortune of US$200 million by betting on corporate takeover by the Jewish groups. The case against him was dropped for too Jews from The Wall Street being involved.

Martin Flankel – He looted several insurance companies of US$3 billion, which he transferred to Israel. Currently he is enjoying his life in a country club prison.

Michael Milken – Born into an American Jewish family – he was sentenced for four years on 98 counts of racketeering and security fraud worth US$2.2 billion. However, he was released after two years.

Dennis Kozlowski – A Jew who was famous for throwing grand parties in Sardinia with “Male Model” entertaining the guests. He was convicted for looting US$560 million from Tyco.