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I don't disagree with you, Alex, that there is the association of long necks with being more refined. However it is not the case that the longer the better. Only a little impression of long neck is good. A well defined jaw is a big part of that as well as not being fat. The short necked pictures posted here all show overweight people.

Male models are often gay or selected by gays. Fashion photos are always photoshopped as well (except most of the catwalk ones). Portraits painted by artists are not always accurate either.

In the post below where you ask my opinion: the first portrait has a normal neck and the one below it a slightly longer than normal.

I suspect head size is a factor with the smaller headed individuals more likely to have necks that appear a bit too long. They will also look more "civilised" than the larger brained more cro-magnid people. Looking "civilised" is associated with being dainty and weak more than it is associated with robustness and strength. Yet it is of course degeneration from a superior state.
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