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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
She screws muds, hangs out with queers, and appeases jews to earn her daily bread. Not my type.

But the point of this discussion is that different classes are associated with different physical characteristics. If you didn't know that woman, you could pretty easily guess her particulars from her form alone. Very few proles are that tall and skinny unless they do meth.
That's generally true. I think however that you have to consider whether you might end up with a son resembling this man

if you go for a woman with an especially long neck. Especially likely if her husband has a longer neck than usual. Giraffes evolved their form due to long necks breeding with long necks. If that long-necked woman had a child with that fellow they would be evolving something bizarre! Also I expect some very masculine faces on handsome men can be an indication that the daughter could look pug-ugly if certain features are passed on that were not sex-related. For eg a unibrow can be considered by many women as attractive on certain men.

Interesting that scientists say that homosexual activity among giraffes is, in many cases, more common than heterosexual activity. It would be stretching things to suggest their increased neck length has anything to with that though!
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