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Originally Posted by john2020 View Post
Although not from "Moors" in the case of Iberia, since the berbers that conquered southern Spain were White men, most of modern Southern Europe is highly contaminated with Dinaric (Semitic) blood, as a result of the Neolithic Expansions and the mixture with extra-European elements wich has taken place over the last few thousand years.

What we know as "Mediterraneans" is not really a race of it's own, but a mongrelization on different levels between the original natives of the S.Europe and the Dinaric Invaders that came during the Neolithic bringing agriculture, with residues of Negroid and in cases Mongoloid, since these Dinarics or semites as you wanna call them, coming for the middle east also brought negroid and asian genes with them, the below are some examples of Dinaric-Nordic mixes typical throughout Southern Europe.

Spanish, look at the sloped forehead, mongoloid eyes and the shape of lips, looks like a Mixture of Nordic, Dinaric, with Mongolization and maybe negroid.


Portuguese, obvious Negrization, on top of the Dinarization.

This Guy is a very exact Mixture of Nordic and Dinaric, no negrization or mongolization to see, at least not noticeable.

Spanish, heavey Negrization, see the recessive chin and The aquiline Nose? it indicates a mix Dinaric, but the thickness of the nose and lips are Negroid.

Italian, longer more nordic jaw, but sloped forehead, aquiline nose, shape of eyebrows are non-Europid.
Haha cool pics but your racial theory sounds like BS.
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