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Originally Posted by john2020 View Post
HUh? that's your answer? can you disprove it? a mediterranen race cannot exist, unless you are implying semites/mongrels, there is no racial homoguenity throughout the mediterranean, some individuals display semitic, others negroid, others mongoloid, or mixtures of all, and such a race connot have evolved.
I just don't know from where to start.

Berbers are a linguistic group not a racial group some are white others aren't.

Dinarics didn't invaded Europe, Dinarics aren't even a race they are the result of the mix between the Alpine race and Mediterraneans or Armenoids.

Acording to Coon the Dinaric and some other categories "are not races but simply the visible expressions of the genetic variability of the intermarrying groups to which they belong." He referred to the creation of this distinctive phenotype from the mixing of earlier separate groups as "dinaricisation".

The majority of negroid and mongoloid blood in Spain and Portugal doesn't came from the moors or Neolithic Expansions it is a lot more recent it came from the colonial era and slave trade.

I agree that a lot of genetic non european semitic and north african trash is included in the racial definition of Mediterranean, but the true mediterraneans are an European race.

About the pics the men seem to be Europid the women don't.

Originally Posted by john2020 View Post
Maybe you look like one of those "MEDS" in those pictures and think you are white under the false concept of sub-race.
Is this an ad hominem attack?

You really hurted my feelings now.
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