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Linder, I hope I'm still alive and able to hold a gun and pull a trigger when and if the shit really does hit the fan in this country.

But, no one wants, right now, to get arrested and go to jail and live with the niggers.

Sooner or later, violence from niggers will begin to become more than just sporadic, as it mostly is now, and there will be no ignoring it.

But, I disagree with you that NOW is the time for violence. I know you say that our enemies engage in everything that is dishonest. I know this, as do others here and elsewhere.

But, Whites have not been educated enough yet about just WHO their real enemy is.

My idea of having geographical groups of Pro White people to begin to have meetings to educate Whites about just what is really going on, and what has been going on for decades, is just the beginning of what I hope would culminate in a revolution for Whites in this country.

But, you have to educate people some before you expect them to pick up a weapon and kill people when they don't even know who their enemy is.

My idea would include geographical groups led by someone who is knowledgeable about everything going on. Meetings and events, hopefully some legal protests and rallies, would occur over time. Everything, right now, would be out in the open for all to see, so that no one could be accused of doing anything to be arrested for. We don't need any more good White people in jail.

I would advise no one in charge of a group to own a home computer, either. Don't give the feds any opportunity to plant evidence on you.

And, again, the people in charge would have to be people who do not have to work outside the home to pay bills. Because of course, no one would hire them once their political/social beliefs are made public.

No one who has engaged in violent acts, so far, has made any progress toward educating people. They've all ended up in jail or dead.

Am I right? Can you tell me anyone who has engaged in violent actions who hasn't paid a high price?

I agree that we need to begin to fight back in one sense--legally. We need to begin a legal fight against our government that prevents Whites legally from disengaging themselves from niggers and other non Whites because to live around them, etc., is detrimental to Whites.

In other words, the need for racial resegregation in this country.

THAT is a fight that Whites need to begin to fight.