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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Whites think it is liberal Whites who have ruined America. They have never even thought that all those liberal Whites have names like Klein, Lowenstein, Rosenfeld, etc. This has never even dawned on them. This is where Whites must be educated.
Wow. Susan said something true. It must have been an accident.

Yes, education is mostly overrated, but the one area it is actually needed and useful is in supplying the missing "why" to US and world politics. Because you'll never get that in the right-wing media. For practical purposes, conservative writers are defined by their unwillingness to deal with causes, and their insistence on sticking to superficial symptoms. This is one reason women make such good "face" conservtive - people you see on Fox. Women are biologically prone to overestimating the meaning/value of what's directly in front of them. It takes perception - seeing through - to find ultimate causes and link them to effects. That is a masculine quality - long-range vision. This is another that conservatism, which is the political form cowardice takes, always seems weak, whiny, and loserly, whereas WN sounds strong, real and direct. I've said this a million times, and I'll say it again. Read ten conservative columnists latest efforts, then go read ten articles in the NS archive. If you can't pick up the 180-degree difference in tone and talk, you're probably too dim to be much use to our cause.