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Pat Healey
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Pat Healey

I think a lot can be accomplished through legal means.

Most of our people are law abiding by nature and are not the anarchist type. Unlike many of the mud people we are surrounded by.

Our people tend to be somewhat invested in "the system". They don't want to lose what they have. In contrast, most of the muds don't have anything except what the State gives them (taken from us).

Our people suffer under the present system, especially with respect to the economy and financial system. Many people are having difficulty simply paying their credit card debt.

Looking at the political landscape, I think we would be wise to take a page or two out of a wise man's manifesto wherein he described his struggle. He observed the various political forces at work. He then devised a inclusive strategy designed to capture his potential political enemies. How? By appealing to their basic motives.

I think we can do the same thing here. We can get very, very far by simply sidestepping the "hot button" issues that many of our people have be socialized (brainwashed) into a reflexive negative reaction.

If we focus on the money issue - especially as it directly affects the common everyday joe-sixpack...explaining in simple to understand terms that his government has morphed into a system designed merely to farm its citizens for profit - I think they will listen.

We can win this thing. We need to get our potential political foes on our side and I believe we can do so. The key, as I see it - is not the "race" issue. It's the Money System, Finance, Capital, and Interest issue. Literally everyone suffers under the present system - except perhaps the welfare collectors and a few Jews.

The Jews have not invested heavily in brainwashing our people into believing that credit card debt is fun, sexy and cool - or that there is no alternative to their privately controlled debt based currency.

They don't address those things because they are indefensible. Attack the indefensible.

Capture popular support based on economics, and once you have power - you can start implementing other policies specifically designed to use the power of government to improve the life and condition of the citizen.

Certainly much can be gained legally. However, if the controllers of the present system decide to use extra-legal means against us - then extra-legal means should be used in response. The key, however, is to gain popular support.

Enemy response to this strategy is predictable.

First, they will ignore you. Then, ridicule you. Finally, they will attack you.

So prepare for it.

If all we offer is a platform that is "pro-white" - that's not going to solve the underlying problem. The real problem is the role of money in society.

If we offer a clear choice that is specifically designed to reform the role money plays in society and government, I think we have a chance.

After all, who likes "debt"? Who likes the fact that we're bleeding jobs in this country? Who likes what's happening to our cities?

There's a LOT of potential support out there. A great man who came before us once faced the prospect of his people turning to communism. Did he simply shun them? No. In fact, he even made the base color of his new flag RED. He used it to bridge a gap.

We can do the same kind of thing. Money is the key.

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