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Originally Posted by MikeTodd View Post
"The Chicago Way" is what we will be facing - at the very least.

Get ready for it.

I honestly think the only thing that's been holding us back is a coherent message that our "socialized" public is open to. And that message is primarily economic.

The economic issue starts at "Money Creation" by a group of Private Jew Bankers who "lend" instantly "created" money to the US government for repayment plus interest. Repayment to the Jews plus interest to the Jews...for what? For "creating our money".

The banks they own are in the business of engaging in usury against us. They way they set it up - they literally get a piece of every financial transaction that you productive people engage in. You work - and they get paid...nice.

The companies they've acquired with our money - they've "off-shored" for "cheaper labor".

Most of the "social problems" are directly related to this shit. Our manufacturing base is gone - and so are the jobs.

They've purposely cultivated an "underclass" here that doesn't pull it's own weight and relies on government handouts (who just happen to be "non-white"). And - why? Because they can vote and keep it all going. You don't have to draw people a picture about how fucked up niggers are. But when the issue is brought up in strictly economic terms - people will agree with you.

Their "World Bank" and "IMF" dupes the "developing world" into taking out huge loans to build infrastructure they can't afford...and guess what? They can't repay the loans because the infrastructure didn't generate the needed capital. You mean - maybe they were "lied" to?

But they still "owe"...and "owe....

That's the game.

Explain it to people in terms they can understand. Explain to them what the alternatives are.

Gee...strangely, the Germans implemented a workable

Most people don't know that. The workable alternative was never featured in any Steven Speilberg movies - was it?

Just explain it to people in terms they can understand.