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Default What's in a Name? The Medical College of Georgia

A common issue. . .perhaps less common now because so many former "colleges" already rebranded themselves as "universities" 20 years ago +/-. Note that the relative stature of the colleges-cum-universities has not changed one iota in that time. Also, Boston College, Dartmouth College, MIT, CalTech, William & Mary, etc., never have any relative problem being non-universities.

[Note: This is not a commentary on higher education institutions in general, which would most accurately be labeled Diploma Mills.]

Originally Posted by WRDW, Ch 12, Augusta, Ga
Font Size: News 12 at 6 o'clock, Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AUGUSTA,Ga---The Medical College of Georgia is changing it's name for the first time in more than 60 years. The name change won't come cheap.

"The name has not recognized the school's growth," said school president Dr. Ricardo Azziz. The plan is to spend millions to change the name.

"The changed name is hitting me hard," said registered nurse Christopher Schiffbauer.

The school's new name will be Georgia Health Sciences University.

"I don't know that we needed the new name," said Dr. Barbara Kiernan with the MCG school of nursing. "I think most people here were very comfortable with Medical College of Georgia."

"Who are we? We are beyond a medical college," said Janie Heath with the school of nursing. "We have five schools here."

Heath is happy to see the new school president making "bold" changes.

"That takes action," said Heath. "You don't sit around and chit chat about it day after day."

"To me," said Christopher. "As a local Augusta native...it is not worth it."

Changing the school's name will cost $2.9 million. $1.2 million of that money has been budgeted for new signs. The rest of the money will go toward uniforms, paper, etc."

"My gut is telling me we are going to have a good pay-off with this," said Heath.

Dr. Azziz wants to bring more national attention to the university.

"Medical College of Georgia," said Heath. "That name is not known at the national level. Dr. Azziz wants us out there."

Some students feel let down.

"I want to graduate, and I want that [MCG] sticker on my diploma," said Christopher.

The name change will go into effect February 1, 2011.
Originally Posted by Paul Fischer, MD, via Augusta Chronicle

June 8, 2011

First Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz wanted to change the Medical College of Georgia from an institution whose mission was to train doctors for Georgia into a big research factory.

Then he wanted to change the patients that it cared for from the sick in Augusta to "medical tourists" from places such as California.

Now he wants all of Augusta to become "cool" so that he can recruit some cool researchers ("Augusta lacks 'cool' factor for recruits," June 7).

The mandate of leadership is to transform an institution, not trash its community. It is time for Ricardo to move to someplace cool.

Paul Fischer, M.D.