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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Our opponents got power by cheating, lying and murdering. And they keep their power the same way.
As for the North; Jewry and the blank-slate egalitarians gained their power, and keep it, through a very, very longwinded process of penetrating the intellectual circles from where information, money and policies are concocted and applied unto the common folk. They didn't do it by military force or by violent-crime but... by seething, waiting, slow-boiling so that people would be so used to it before they even had an ability to really react. That is the power of an idea, winning ground from another idea and that is what ultimately works. Or, for those interested in a quicker revolution, do exactly what I described above but when you've reached the pivot-point, charge the pace up and use the general populus which you have, by that point, already gained active and passive support from and overthrow the minority ruler.

Those are the two tickets, anything else would likely be folly which history has already taught us.

The ones who simply need to taste blood; go join a vampyric cult or bag yourself a grizzly. Your debasement ain't gonna help the cause.