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Originally Posted by Thor View Post
That may be all well and good if your goal is to destroy something through intellectual subterfuge, as the judeo-left has done for decades on end, but it's not the same when you are fighting for your very survival.

Sure, a commie jew can perform his Gramscian shift with no concern if he's taking a century to do it; he isn't limited by a set time structure. It's a different thing entirely to go the other way when racial preservation is at stake.

Try getting a professorship outside the sciences at any modern university, for example. Jews/leftists will ask you in an interview on how you feel about school vouchers, or something else that is seemingly benign. Answer wrong, and you'll be shut out; they know how to keep the intellectual circle closed.
A gun is useless in this context. It has to start with the mind, then many minds. The circles of academia, media and finance are anything but closed. They're splintered and the western institutions are currently, as they have been for many decades, running with a lysenkoistic/marxist fever. This is something which is slowly turning however, information is progressively harder for Jewry therein to curve and white people are picking up the slack of the buried minds more and more. Intellectual defeatism combined with pro-thuggery as a solution or strategy for our cause is not simply idiocy, it is futile idiocy.