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Originally Posted by C. Grady Tucker View Post
Really? Seems to me endless pseudo-intellectual posturing combined with inaction and calls for "strict legality" as a solution or strategy for our cause is not simply idiocy, it is futile idiocy.
Your attempt to understand my very simple rendering of the reality of how it works, failed epically. You'd probably make a good footsoldier, Grady, but it looks like you should let the thinking be done by others. We will give you a ring when we need you. In the meantime, you can continue shooting turkies, coons and whatnot.

Of course, pick the right labels (defeatism, pro-thuggery, idiocy) and everyone can go back to feeling safe and relieved all they have to do is write their congressman and everything will magically begin to slowly turn around.
Again, a dumb argument if I ever heard one. Writing your congressman, if you have one, doesn't change anything. It's just as pointless as to go up to the hill and plug some university students.

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