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Originally Posted by Hans Norling View Post
A gun is useless in this context. It has to start with the mind, then many minds. The circles of academia, media and finance are anything but closed. They're splintered and the western institutions are currently, as they have been for many decades, running with a lysenkoistic/marxist fever. This is something which is slowly turning however, information is progressively harder for Jewry therein to curve and white people are picking up the slack of the buried minds more and more. Intellectual defeatism combined with pro-thuggery as a solution or strategy for our cause is not simply idiocy, it is futile idiocy.
Let me tell you something about the average citizen of the West. The one who doesn't keep up with news, the one who doesn't read or study much of anything. They don't even know what Breivik acted for. Think of that for a moment. They see it and hear, "oh, some guy in Norway shot 77 people" without ever even figuring out why. I've seen this mentality myself. So, while actions like Breivik's may not help in the way Linder and others think, they certainly don't hurt.

You may call it intellectual defeatism, but if you wish to become a tenured professor in the social sciences with the beliefs we hold, then be my guest. How many of the types do you find? Besides the loser Kevin MacDonald, please.

The thing with academia was that it was once led by conservatives who had principled, though misguided, beliefs in intellectual freedom and curiosity. They let in a handful of leftist professors, who then got on hiring committees themselves. The left does not return the favor of giving intellectually curious students a different worldview. Those are conservative principles, and the left knows it.