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Originally Posted by varg View Post
Question: Was the Norse God Thor, who's hammer you display, a thug? He's often referred to the War God, after all.

Think all of those innocent Jotun that thug Thor crushed with his mighty hammer, not to mention what he did with peace-loving Jörmungandr
Thor and Jörmungandr killed each other actually. Anyway, Mjölner is a symbol of norse cultural inheritance and strength in the face of adversities. Mytho-ideological history usually created grand, exagurated and often bloodied tales in order to poetically highlight the simple, basic essentials of 'what is' and not as a green-card to go and literally manifest the more cold-blooded ventures. Most understand this, as I am sure you do as well Varg, and seperate the literal gory adventures of mayhem with the core/sense-morale of the stories. And it is that understanding which creates hereditarian symbolism. Of course, sometimes there will be those who, due to mental issues, take such mythos too literally and take it upon themselves to re-enact them in the flesh. Those individuals are usually suffering from what is called a Christ/Saviour-complext and, while being more or less devoid of human sentiments like guilt, regret, sympathy, empathy for others, they come in many shapes and forms but always take things way, way over the top into gory mayhem... perhaps believing they themselves are Thor-like (like Vikernes).

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