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Right libertarian or free market society is only possible in advanced society,before you must have creed and program how to build this and making successful Matrix and destroy planet Zion see this what mean advanced white society in final phaze:

Not only will we be rid forever of the destructive and debilitating wars that the Jews have manipulated upon us, we will no longer have to support a huge expensive and non-productive war machine as we are today.

Furthermore, our astronomical welfare costs, which are now being wasted on the parasitic nigger of today, will also be entirely eliminated. These two factors alone, coupled with the absence of Jewish plunder, I feel confident, will lower our taxes to a fraction of what they are today. I predict that taxes will be reduced to where they will be less than ten percent, perhaps five percent, of what they are at present.

Considering further that crime will be reduced to where it will be less than one percent of what it is today, it is not hard to imagine where the present huge costs of government, (with warfare and welfare eliminated) will be a small fraction of the burden that it is today. The White Man will then be in a position where his creativity and productivity can benefit those who have worked for it - namely the White Man himself.
Natures Eternal Reigion

Let us make one thing clear. We Creators are not talking about bigger government. On the contrary, we are for less government, not more. We envision a government that is smaller, imposes less, much less, in taxes, and interferes less with our lives. On the other hand, our kind of government, based on the White leadership principle, is more concerned with those duties a well-ordered government is properly constituted to perform in the first place. The first duty of such a government is to protect our life and property. Secondarily, it would also provide those orderly facilities such as roads, bridges, harbors, airports, schools, law and order, coining of interest free money, and several other necessary accoutrements that are incumbent upon a prosperous and well constituted society. The big difference between the present parasitical Jew-dominated society and a Creator oriented society is this: our kind of government will be based on the Leadership Principle, headed not by Jews, but our own White leaders whose overwhelming religious zeal is not to rob and destroy our White Race but to protect its integrity at all costs, and to work for the sole benefit of our own precious race. The primary goal of such government will be the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and expunging the cancerous alien mud races from the body of our society.
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