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Originally Posted by Erik T. White View Post
I have extended family that goes to gooey the o's (((church.)))
(That's (((Joel Osteen))).)

Volunteer as a short term missionary to Haiti or India!!!!

Haiti costs you 1700 dollars, India 2500 dollars.

gooey the o charges YOU to go on mission trips!!!!


Not surprising, as there are ministries who have niggers hopped up on drugs selling lollipops and flowers to motorists to pay for their own bed at 'da drug rehab', if they don't come back with enough cash they are put in the making Whites pay to hang with third world niggers who might rape and even eat them is not too unbelievable.

However, I am not aware that Osteen is Jewish, as you put the brackets around his name indicating he is such. He is as far as I am aware yet another White Christian who supports Israel, and Jesus as the fulfillment of OT Prophecy. Like Kirk Cameron, Ernest Angeley, Peter Popoff, Ray Hubbard...on and on one could go with the race traitor Whites.

Only Arnold Murray comes to mind as a fairly well-to-do guy promoting true Israelites being Whites, and America and Canada are 'Israel today'. It is very ignorant and comes from total delusion, as Hebrew was never a White language, these were not our texts, from old to new testament. We are not of the House of David, nor are we Essenes.

I'm open to proof that is to the contrary, but such proof does not exist thus far, as none who propose it (Christ being White, Whites being the Israelites spoken of in the OT who spoke Hebrew) have proven it up with facts.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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