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Christmas Before Christ: December 25 and Paganism | News Analysis | Worldbulletin News

For the pre-Christian Romans, December 25 marked their most important holiday, Saturnalia. [...] North-western Europe hosted festivities for the Nordic god Balder.
Baldr - Wikipedia

Unfortunate that the ancient Germanics didn't write their religion down in a Holy Book (and make it extremely ethnocentric like the Jews' faith):

History of writing - Wikipedia

The Norse didn't have this plant:
Papyrus - Wikipedia

But you'd think we could have used something else i.e.:
Birch Bark Manuscript - Wikipedia
Parchment - Wikipedia

Futhark: Mysterious Ancient Runic Alphabet of Northern Europe | Ancient Origins

Instead our only original sources are writings on stones:

Runestone - Wikipedia

This is my favorite stone:

Snoldelev Stone - Wikipedia

The triple horn motif has been compared to a triskelion, or to the valknut symbol, and since 2006 has been adopted as the official symbol of the Asatru Folk Assembly.

Old Norse religion - Wikipedia
Old Norse - Wikipedia

Of course, there's a likely theory that they did have a Holy Book, and it was destroyed (the few runestones that were allowed to remain, were tombstones basically).

The AFA will eventually have to get a choir going and create songs to Baldr, and/or perhaps redesign these songs celebrating a new theory that Odin (the shapeshifter) came down to visit the Jews as Jesus lol .

Currently, our alternative Mr Savior Messiah songs are in a difficult to comprehend Norwegian lol:

Seems somewhat hostile at times too lol:

Is Jesus Really Odin or Balder? a Historical Theory
The Church: Jesus Christ is Lord Baldur | Religious Forums

Balder, Ruler of an Age to come | The Odinic Rite

Balder has also been likened to Jesus Christ, likely due to the number of shared motifs between the two figures (a dying-and-rising god killed, though blameless, who heralds the arrival of a period of eternal peace).
There's quite a culture established with the status quo:


As a pagan, I have no problem with saying a prayer to Jesus, because I know that the spiritual essence of the God, Jesus, that is worshiped, is essentially a God of peace, and I can associate Jesus with Balder or any other God of peace.
We humans seem to need our imaginary friends. Nature is pretty desolate otherwise.

True diversity is preserving all ethnic groups. We have a group identity to maintain. We ought to have spiritual community centers for us, to have closure for our history, celebrate our heritage & look to the future. National Folk Faith AFA CT

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