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Default Sigh, Jewbus weepz

Originally Posted by ToneDeaf View Post
Solstice was on Thur. 21st., just saying.
also referred to as Blue christmas
I covered that in post #113, it not being the 25th.

Origins of Atheists, Jewish murder of Atheists, and long list of White Atheists covered in the thread, also, but above your ability or desire to learn.

Originally Posted by ToneDeaf View Post
*not that I care, . . just passing on the info*
You clearly care, but are not tall enough for this ride, as Linder says.

You can't tease as you childishly try to, cuz no value to the content.

I'll have to put you on ignore, though, velcro buddy. So desperate for my attention cuz Jewbus, lol.

We'll continue to talk around you, take care. Buy my book when it's done, I'll autograph a copy for you for a couple thousand USD.

Santa comes tomorrow, little man.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier