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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
The Germans just wanted to remove the jews from Germany, and eventually most of Europe. What they were proposing has nothing in common with modern day Zionism, which is more about maintaining global jewish hegemony than simply securing their little desert shithole country.

An alternative plan that was proposed was to ship the kikes to Madagascar. And honestly, I think the Madagascar plan was the most likely scenario if Germany had won the war. It's definitely the more logical choice. An island that is sparely populated, and relatively isolated. And much farther away from Europe than Israel is. Shipping jews into Palestine would have made the Germans many enemies. Nobody gives a fuck about Madagascar.
The crafty Jew would never seek out a barren desert region in order to live in it. They are not nomads.

Madagascar was selected for it's tropical climate. Hitler and Goebbels believed it would weaken Jews, in contrast to Siberia, which would toughen them up. In antiquity, the emperor Tiberius distributed Jewish youths among provinces noted for an unhealthy climate. The earliest Roman emperors were consistently against foreign cults, they were anti-Semites. Only reason why Augustus granted Jews tolerance was due to their disguise yet there's indication that even he had a contempt for Jews.