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Emily Henderson

That's excellent. I knew you could do a lot with just a half acre but what they've done with less is incredible.

As they say, they don't have to commute and can never be fired.

When people are throwing away land and skills that can sustain them forever to 'go to college' for a 'respectable' job they hate and pay for the privilege to live in a sewer (city) it shows they don't know who they are anymore.

That's not to say that agriculture is for everybody and school benefits no one, but the denigration of 'real' skills started way back there. Denigrating farming, denigrating motherhood, denigrating racial cohesion for Whites as 'backward' when it's the opposite.

In 'The Good Earth' when the dutiful Chinese wife stopped her husband from selling the land, I remember that scene, when they were starving and he was going to sell some of it. 'NO. Not the land.' Anything but losing the land.

People are starting to come back to that way of thinking again.
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