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Default The Irish Hemp Cooperative: Canabinoil and BHSL

"The election to the board of Laura Foley, a partner in CBD company Canabaoil and Jack O’Connor of agri-tech firm BHSL came during a recent meeting of about 80 stakeholders who heard board member Kate Carmody give an update on the activities carried out by the board during the previous 12 months, and other presentations."

"Attendees also heard board member Ed Hainbidge give a detailed presentation on how to apply for a license to cultivate hemp in Ireland. With many of the individuals in the room keen to grow hemp for the first time, this provided valuable insight into the process involved."

Might be a good time to buy stock in this as well, though that is something I know very little about, and when it will go 'up' or 'down' and what-not is speculative and a gamble. But at some point, likely to be very valuable, stock in one or more of these companies.
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