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YOu appear to have no combat experience whatsoever. If you did, you would not say such things.
You also indulge in the American stupidity of putting a weapon on automatic and spraying like an undisciplined nigger gangster, then wondering WTF you run of ammunition
Derrick, besides what you may see on TV or in news sources, full auto weapons don't exist here in the states for the masses. There are a few hundred thousand or so legally owned full auto ...and require special licensing/fees. The prices of the legal full auto weapons are through the roof and out of reach for the average shooter.

The best we can get are semi-auto versions of battle and assault rifles. So fire discipline with your semi-auto is the norm for any serious rifleman.

I too am a fan myself of the .308 (7.62 Nato) round and I have several civilian (semi-auto only) FAL rifles. But that is for a different discussion...we are talking about handguns here for personal defense.

Yes in the winter you may carry a 45 but what about in the summer when it is shorts and t-shirts?
Doc, you must have missed the second sentence, in summer when the clothing is lighter I routinely carry a 5 shot Taurus .357...almost the same size as a .38. Real nice carry piece btw.