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Originally Posted by Kievsky View Post
We need a White Rothschild more than anything.
Would such a man be embraced by his fellow whites, or would they scrutinize every aspect of his life and focus on how he doesn't live up to their expectations. This would depend very much upon how white racialists interact with him.
Originally Posted by Kievsky View Post
Basically someone who uses his wealth towards White Emancipation.
How specifically will that wealth be allocated? What emancipation efforts get the best results? We need to plan the logistics so that the efforts are sustainable.

Currently there are many outlets where our message can be heard without spending a lot on overhead. Our message is very blunt: "Jews: The White Family's Worst Enemy".

We have lots of images of typical jewish behavior. Supplement those images with the written message to make it a mantra. We need enough of those images to spread around wherever people are exposed to different forms of TJB. Whether it be news events, historical review, discussion of advertising principles or anywhere else we can have a voice.

If we're persuasive enough, we might find our man.

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