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Originally Posted by Kievsky View Post
The naysayers would be ignored.
Excellent. Notice how podblanc has "White Now" embedded on their videos? Is it possible to switch to "Jews: The White Family's Worst Enemy" every time TJB is exposed during a podblanc vid? It would strengthen the connection of jew=enemy in the minds of our viewers. If the theme of jew=enemy is not strong enough in the mind of a potential venture capitalist, better marketed options may seize his wallet.

Such a media technique would be very cutting edge. It would be a unique selling point when soliciting funding. Our message would be more clearly stated in every piece we put out there.

Problem "Jews: The White Family's Worst Enemy"
Solution "White Now"

It's important to convincingly and effectively convey this message at all times to both the best and worst of the white stock. Once that goal is achieved, we can better solicit funding. Our target market is the white race. For funding purposes, we must convey the urgency of this message to the wealthiest whites, not necessarily the whites who best share all of our ideals. We must also convincingly inform them of the benefits and plausibility of victory.