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Originally Posted by Derrick MacThomas View Post
I am speechless with shock.
I have known Hal for years and the man described in this report is not the man with whom I have spoken and with whom I have dealt on many occasions.
I would like to speak privately with Hal about what was said in court to find out more about the matter.
As I have said previously, if Hal was such an FBI 'asset' he would not be languishing in a ZOG dungeon.
Something here does not add up.
The ZOG police/intelligence agencies here in Australia have been trying to get me to roll over for three years. It seems to be standard practice to target anyone who has any sort of a profile.
Not going to happen.
I have spent time in the cells and been interrogated. I have even been dragged into court as a thought criminal under a law which (like the Holyhoax law) has a provision that truth is not a defence.
'Deals' were offered. None were taken.
That the ZOG feels the need to use such tactics shows how desperate and morally bankrupt they are.
Until I can speak with Hal I will not form a view one way or the other.
Call it misguided loyalty if you wish.
One thing is absolutely certain: the Associated Press is not a reliable source of information.

Like the military, law enforcement agencies sometimes deliberately issue mis-information to the public.