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Leonard Rouse

What was your most rewarding volunteer experience - either as a volunteer, yourself or working with a volunteer?



For the past 11 years, under the auspices of a local temple, I have volunteered in a monthly program making PBJ (peanut butter and jelly) sandwiches for the homeless. We also encourage participation by youngsters (>7 yrs) to inculcate the idea of community service in them. Patron donations fund the supplies for the program (consumables: bread, peanut butter, jelly, sandwich bags, gloves; non-consumables: bowls, spatulas, microwave oven). We make 1000 sandwiches per session. One session costs approx. $350. This volunteering activity has been one of my most rewarding experiences, not only because the activity gives me the opportunity to do something that benefits someone in need but also because through this activity I meet people from different walks of life whom I would not have ever met otherwise, and I also get to interact with their delightful children.


posted June 15, 2010



Helping fill sandbags to prevent river flooding in my hometown.

Mike M.

posted June 15, 2010