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I'm for National Socialism. Socialism is a tricky system, it can either destroy us, if its in the form of a Jewish controlled egalitarian, non-White entitlement society like the current ZOG is, or it can be used as a tool to combat Jewry and rip the Jewish parasite right out of its seats of power in government, banking, media, education and corporation.

The ones who are afraid of Socialism and despise it in any form have only been watching too much Fox News and Glenn Beck. In reality we live under a Jewish hierarchy controlled, tribal Capitalist economy, but they enact Socialist policies when it suits them.

Capitalism and a free market system no matter how you look at it is Jewish friendly. Meaning anywhere there is capitalism and a free market, Jews will dominate and then we are right back at square one. Which means National Socialism is the best example of a long term solution. There is a reason that Jews are so vehemently opposed to National Socialism, while they are clapping and cheering for Capitalism and Democracy.

And didn't a Marxist Jew basically invent modern Libertarian philosophy?