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Originally Posted by Roy Wagahuski View Post
You obviously don't understand what the burden of proof means.

When you assert something as being true, it's not true until disproved. It's true when it's proved. Anecdotes aren't proof, nor is "everybody knows."

But now that your argument has switched its basis to "shot placement" we're closer to understanding the actual science of how bullets kill (not by "bouncing around"), though still not quite there.

Equal bullet-placement doesn't make bullets equal. Even with the very unlikely head-shot.

Terminal ballistics involves a complex of variables that more or less determine the time it takes to incapacitate an attacker, but the conclusion is invariably the same: bigger is better. Where a difference of seconds is vital, anyone under-arming himself is an idiot.

Chapter 8 buddy.

And nice straw man argument. Did I ever suggest people underarm themselves or that all ammo is equal?

Also it shows pictures of some .22lr head shots. Not for the faint at heart. These people were DRT. One of them even shows a guy shot in the upper jaw, small entry wound, but it still killed him deader than hell. For that to even be a kill shot, the round would have had to ricochet up into his cranium.

I'm only saying people underestimate a .22lr, and its a fact that you can kill someone immediately with a well placed shot. I'm not suggesting I'd use a .22lr to shoot at a charging bear.