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This guy has the right idea:

It's as simple as getting a group of people together and labeling that group. Call it "White Students Union (WSU)", "Council of European Students (CES)", "European Students Association (ESA)", "European Student Society (ESS)", etc. then set up a governance. Put up a website, and do some grassroots lobbying. Pamphleting. Put out a number for women to call if they need an escort home from the library after hours, or for inebriated students who need a designated ride home. Do some food drives and public speaking. Bring people in to speak. Organize fundraisers, parties, and trips. Lobby against affirmative action and race based admissions, etc. etc.

Lobbying group names: "Lobby for European rights", "White Civil Rights Association", "National Association for European Rights", etc.

Political party: This shouldn't have "White" or "European" in it if you want to appeal to moderates. "United States Independence Party", "Constitution Party", "Nativist Party", etc. Even just a few people voted into municipal or local electorates can put pressure on the Government and make change.