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Robert Ransdell

Ok now with your stated ideas of promotion.

Flyering should also be done largely after an event or around a topical matter of interest to our ideas and principles. Perhaps a White neighborhood is having it proposed to them that some Section 8 housing be forced upon them. Well that would be an opportunity to act right there, though I would caution in those circumstances to only act if the community itself has not put forth any meaningful opposition.

Many will be ideologically with us and will want to protect their communities from an influx of non-Whites that will come with Sec 8, if they fail to organize anything though then you should act in some way.

On the other hand, if the community has come forth and opposed it, you should probably stand down from adding a openly pro-White voice to the mix. Reason being, the media will probably use this to smear the White in the community, they will then be called on to condemn our efforts which many of them will. We should always use the media for our benefit and not let our activity benefit their aims and goals. Although we want them, and they need, to start recognizing race, we also should be happy when even in non-racial ways Whites stand up against the system, we should not discourage them when they do. We must recognize they are what they are at this point and look to embolden them at a later opportunity, let them see the failure in fighting on the terms in which they will oppose things like Sec. 8.

You are spot on with your suggestion of positive community outreach as you described, show our people that we want to try to help them when we can, not just give them something to read.

Of course in most cases we are limited in what we can do because of limited funds. The Golden Dawn has a cash flow they have generated through an established infrastructure so many things that they are doing can only come once we have that here, unless we find one rich White guy who wants to help. That is actually always in the back of my mind when I do something that could get media coverage, maybe we get lucky and some angry rich White guy wants to lend some support - probably dreaming I know.

But the action that that White student union at Towson, I believe that was the one that proposed the group of White men who was going to act as a openly White neighborhood watch, that is a REALLY good idea. Again show White people that a group is willing to actively stand for them, that is what captures the spirit of a people, the people we need to win.

Just think of how awesome it would be if one of these groups actually stopped or helped a White person who was in the process of being mugged by a Negro at a college campus. There would be Whites everywhere who would be picked up mentally by that, the support would come eventually.

You would need a group of White men who were DISCIPLINED individuals who recognize the reality of the current age. Those individuals would be brave White men but also smart White men, those smart enough to know that there is no equal justice under the law, that when an incident between a White man and non-White happens that the non-White is going to get the benefit of the doubt. This would mean backing away from a confrontation unless you have a witness, ideally the victim of a crime that is taking place, who will come forth and assert that any violent action taken was to stop the assault, robbery, rape, etc.

With groups like the SPLC as well as the government itself targeting pro-White groups and people over much less, any group that even appeared militant will have to be disciplined to the max or it will be targeted for destruction by the enemy.

We can't have White people serving in this role, a pro-White community watch or whatever, who are looking for a fight, or who are looking for conflict. And the people who I think are the only ones in large number who are brave enough to do this, skinheads, are usually people who are going to take violent action and ask questions later. With this kind of proposition that is just not acceptable, we need disciplined people to go forward with something like that or we should not pursue it at all.

Believe me I have given it a lot of though, especially back when I was with the NA. Decided against it at that time because my worst nightmare was to give Morris Sleeze and company a way in which to come after the NA, did not want to sponsor an effort under the NA banner and have something happen in which he could pull what he pulled with the Aryan Nations and the IKA.

Did have a good idea thought up with which to promote it with a YT video or something. Have someone film the leader walking and explaining the group's presence and perhaps have a later video where a White female (perhaps a cute petite White girl) is being escorted from campus to her dorm or home (here where the University of Cincinanti is, many students live in and around the surrounding Black ghetto in apartments while they study and are routinely targeted) or is on film being walked to her car by one of the activists.

Yeah now that would be something new, and a sign that we are taking an active role in helping out our people.

I will add a bit more in another post and wait for you to respond back.