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Sorry, I disagree with what you wrote there. To me it seems you're latently trying to steer people away from doing this with abject pessimism, like a covert Jew would do. If you're not, I apologize.

But students and young people have always been the primary driving force of Political and social change for the simple fact that they don't have anything to lose!

They don't have to worry about families to support, mortgages, car payments, credit card debt, losing their jobs, etc. All the pressures that older people have are out of the way. There's millions of older people that would be politically active in WN causes, however, they're dissuaded because they know there's repercussions for it if identified.

This is why I wrote this part

For the older group, I was thinking, as a way to get around potential job loss and punish the tyrannical Government at the same time, maybe all WN's should go on welfare as an act of political dissidence. I don't know the laws in America, and if they can cut you off for political radicalism, but this will give a WN the benefit of lots of free time to engage in marches/swatting/marketing/e-activism, and bleed the system until it dies. Without us whites carrying the load for everyone, the system will surely collapse.

You can live comfortably off welfare and food stamps. Maybe someone could build a website with info for whites on how to get welfare, disability pensions, food stamps, Govt. grants, and other things like disability parking stickers, and instructions on how to fight every parking ticket and speeding infraction, etc.

We also need a Job Bank for WN's. A network. A way for people to get jobs. Stuff like trades (plumbing, carpentry, etc. stuff you can work under the table), also help in starting small businesses and getting access to capital. Then creating or finding WN employers that will hire WN's

If anyone here some programming skill reads this, please consider building this. It could be hosted on Tor or overseas so the Government cannot trace any of us.
I posted this thread and designed it so that anyone who reads it will have step by step instructions on how to start a group. It's as easy as just forming a group and naming it. Yeah, the Jews and their shabbos goyim Liberals might attack the few that are sprouting up now, but if even 10% of the people that read this thread start one and become active, it will be unstoppable! There's power in numbers and we don't have it right now.

If anything, a group that awakens a few minds who will then turn around and open a few more is a positive thing! We are fighting against years of Jewish indoctrination, so it will be a slow process. We got to plant the seeds of a revolution into one mind at a time.