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Originally Posted by Roy View Post
I read about 1/2 of this leaked internal report. It basically laments the rise of digital media and how the NYT's isn't adapting fast enough to changing times.

Ironically, as it makes a case for the turn to digital, it published the report itself on dead-tree media. All crooked and with muddy photos while wondering why they are going extinct.

One of the turn-offs to the NYT's is the arrogance, like on page 46 of the report.


Let's parse that. First of all, they talk of "quality". A quality comment is something that is interesting to read, not necessarily grammatically correct. Again, ironically in the very paragraph they lament the low quality standards of their competitors, they make a typo themselves, leaving out the word 'read'.

Also, they totally miss the idea that everyone is tired of leftist bullshit drivel blaming the White man for every problem they can think of. What they're saying is that they moderate the comment section to suit their jew-leftist agenda, and they are proud of it from a "quality" standpoint.

When they aren't getting political, the content is OK, but it's the rest of the stuff that makes the paper unreadable.
It's like going to a nice party, but one guest smells like piss from 10 feet away and is pissing in the punch-bowl. The get-together is ruined.

NYT's is singing their Swan Song, but then again swans are beautiful. Perhaps it's better to call it their death twitch.
They just fired or demoted jew Jill Abramson (sp?) too.

Yeah...they see their filtering as upholding standards. Only for spelling and grammar, not for content. Whole political point of internet is you can get material excluded by older media. The NYT's not observing Linder's Law: simply by looking around, you can see the readers are always to the white/right side of the editors. NYT thinks everybody has or should have the mindset of a jew living in NYC. They don't and they shouldn't! NYT simply turns everything into leftist print-Muzak then wonders why it's numbers drop.