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I've never really understood why Alex Linder endorses Anglin when Anglin is a CI whacko and almost every post on that site of his laments the downfall of christooneyism. It's somewhat contradictory and bizarre to see the news bot spam links to his website.
I made the bot that links to his site. We don't link to every article, only ones that are approved first. Usually they're not christianity related. They're usually news updates because he reports on stuff way before pretty much any other site. I don't see any problem with that. I only approve a select few because I don't want to spam his site or possibly take away views from his content (though I think it brings him more views not takes away.) The bot is programmed to cut off after set length, giving only a snippet and linking to the full article. That said, if he doesn't want us linking to his stuff anymore I would remove it from our bot. Not sure why I'm explaining myself to someone who joined just to complain about us linking to a website..