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Originally Posted by Gifu View Post
I've never really understood why Alex Linder endorses Anglin when Anglin is a CI whacko and almost every post on that site of his laments the downfall of christooneyism. It's somewhat contradictory and bizarre to see the news bot spam links to his website.
I don't endorse Anglin, necessarily, or take any position other than I like his writings that I've read. Until now, I have never read Daily Stormer. I oppose all CI. The only things I have heard about Anglin's views I don't agree with are that he is pro-christian and thinks Putin is a white hero. Other than that, he is right to be funny and energetic. He is taking the right approach, mostly, from what I have read the past few days. But the man, I don't know him and have no comment on him. If you have proof he's CI, cite it.

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